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Kazintsa street, 88, Minsk, Belarus

Minsk breeding enterprise

Minsk breeding enterprise - in consulting and marketing a wide range of highly effective veterinary products premixes and feed additives for all types.

Provides individual genetic selection (public) high-bulls on the farms and the private sector. Produces high-quality sperm production and sale of all necessary components (induced) for the artificial insemination of cattle. Breeding enterprise engaged in the sale of liquid nitrogen for industrial and agricultural enterprises of the region.

Features of feeding and housing of farm animals in winter 2008 - 2009 years. Before setting up cattle should be carefully examined all winter room. At the same time pay attention to the state of the input gates, doors, ceilings, floors, windows, fencing tools, and if necessary make repairs.

At the same time check for glazing window frames, and their integrity, cover with the grooves between the blocks of glass and frames. Premises for the content of the tethered cow dairy herd lobbies equipped with double gates. Repair or replace worn-out production equipment.

Minsk breeding enterprise Minsk breeding enterprise

A wide range of high veterinary drugs,
premixes and feed additives for all kinds of animals and birds